About forwarding services in Europe

Where is the wagon?

Company SIGIS  provides the web-based service that allows you to determine the dislocation of laden and empty wagons and containers in the territory of the Russian Federation (Russia), Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, the Republic of Latvia (Latvia), the Republic of Lithuania (Lithuania) the Republic of Estonia (Estonia), Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Georgia and Finland.
The services are required by forwarders, specialists of logistics and procurement, consignees, shippers, owners of wagons and all those who are engaged in the maintenance of wagons.
The information is provided only to official users of railway services on the bases of their power of attorney issued in our name for railways.

We have developed a new user-friendly interface of the portal tracking wagons and containers. For many of our customers use our service allows them to save their precious working hours.

Currently the service of tracking wagons has been substantially updated. The new version has a dramatically altered design and a number of added features that were required by our customers.

The result of the system upgrade is a convenient and practical service that does not require any installations on the user's local computer.
The work of the service is constantly monitored by several specialists that allows you to answer quickly the customers’ questions.
Our main services are:
• Urgent search of wagons on the railway network to obtain information on its whereabouts within 5-15 minutes.
• Tracking of a wagon or a container for one trip from the point of departure to the point of destination with regular updating of data (one trip).
• Tracking of a wagon or wagons for a month, with additional extension.
For more detailed information please contact with company specialists on phone: + (371) 677-92-007, e-mail